There have been significant changes this term since the introduction of new staff to the music department. I’m continuing to make headway with helping those on the SEN register, and I have had talks with the Mr. Winston (head of music) about reorganising the layout of the classroom to help learning. This has been something with I felt could improve the learning of everyone in the class, especially those who need extra support as the current layout doesn’t really allow for individual help without being very distracting to others. At the end of this half term, new models have begun with most of the year 7-9 classes. I’m hoping that with my involvement in these from the beginning, and with the new teacher I have mentioned, we can both teach this new material in a more involved way, helping to engage those who would have found it more difficult before. We’ve increased the amount of group work, introduced many small targets throughout a larger project, and I’ve started to help some improve their answer writing.