Each week at Charter, I am learning something new about the pupils I work with and have discovered that there are a considerable amount of learners who need additional support. As I had mentioned in my last report, there are students whose needs are complex from Dyslexia, Dyspraxia to Speech Language and Communication Needs, Emotional, Behavioural and Social Difficulties to Attention Deficit Disorder and these special educational needs may be the profile of one student. I have also discovered from my classroom observation and within the documented profiles of students, that there are a higher proportion of boys who have been statemented and require additional attention and instruction in comparison to the SEN of the girls.

My finger knitting lunchtime group continues to be of interest as the group are keen and aim to finish their individual pieces of work that they create before lunch ends.

After the Easter break I will introduce the group to my dream catcher project, which will incorporate the traditional Native American looping technique with the handcraft of weave. Instead of using wooden hoops, students will be using fluorescent coloured acrylic perspex sheets.