Lunch-time club

In the Tues lunchtime I am limited to half hour so I showed them the simplest way to make a book — folding paper into 8 without any glue or stitches and was very please to see when new students turned up that they could be shown how to make the book by other students. Within the books I devised different easy doodling exercises which are equivalent to music scales. Like repeatedly drawing circles which one student, Elsie, I heard describe as ‘relaxing to do… I like doing the circle exercise’. I am relaxed with the rules of these drawings so as to make environment different from usual classrooms. I also realised that some people in classes really struggle to draw ellipses so I’ve found drawing exercises which will helpfully just allow them to enjoy the drawing process whilst improving dexterity. I feel I’m beginning to know and build good relationships with the kids and also it’s really pleasing when they come back every week and get their handmade books and get on straight away with the activities. Next term I plan to cut rubbers into shapes to print with with them and do other activities like clay hopefully or more fun less pressured drawing things like cartoons. I have been able to order 24 big erasures to do the printing activity with.