We are often asked by potential mentors exactly what working with our foundation would be like. We have included answers to FAQs for mentors which we hope you will find helpful. If you have further questions please email us.

How long would I sign up for?

You would sign up to four terms starting in September and finishing on the 31st December the following year.

How much time each week is involved?

As a Creative Mentor you would comit to working for the foundation for the equivalent of three days each week diring term time.

Apart from going into schools are there other commitments?

Yes we expect a short half-termly report from you plus material we can put on our website. We also require you to attend a half termly progress meeting.

What activities would I be doing?

You would be based in the classroom as extra support for the children with difficulties. You would be encouraged to run your own projects with a group of children with learning differences. This could be a lunch-time or after school club, a trip, an exhibition or concert.

Can I do my own work?

Yes but we would expect you to fit your other activities around the school time table not the other way round.

Do I get paid during the holidays?

Yes your will get paid each month including when the schools are on holiday.

Does the Foundation provide any administrative support?

The Foundation does not provide any administrative support.

Is there any money for resources of extra materials?

The Foundation does not provide money for resources or extra materials we expect our schools to provide all materials.

Are there any rules?


  • We would expect you to behave professionally whilst at school
  • No phones in the class-room
  • Always be punctual
  • If you are ill let CMF and the school know
  • The dress code is clean and smart