During February and March I have been developing my skills working with autism. I’ve been working closely with Joe, the autism specialist at the school, and working one on one with Z, a year 8 girl whom has a keen interest in music, but finds it difficult to work in the classroom and participating in group work with other student. I’ve attended a training afternoon organised by the school to help understand how autism can affect the learning process, and work out the best course of action to deal with many problems autism presents.

Z also attends Francis’s knitting club which I’ve been helping with. It’s a great opportunity for me to see all the girls I work with outside of their music lesson.

With Francis, we are still organising a trip to the Horniman museum and gardens. The trip will be for 12 of the students and will be a chance to explore and help inspiration for a multi-sensory collaboration we hope to do next term between art and music.

In music, I have been continuing with the ukulele club. I’m trying to find ways to re-open the club to more participants, and think it make be changing to a song writing group, writing music to a story. This will hopefully be more open the doors to many more participants, and means we can spend different weeks working on different aspects of music, not just the instruments.