There are four key books on music and dyslexia that are well worth accessing:

  • Miles and Westcombe’s Music and Dyslexia: Opening New Doors. (2001),
  • Shelia Oglethorpe’s Instrumental Music for Dyslexics: Teaching Handbook. (2002),
  • Miles, Westcombe and Ditchfield’s, Music and Dyslexia: A Positive Approach (2008),
  • and Music, other Performing Arts and Dyslexia, edited by Sally Daunt and published by the British Dyslexia Association in 2012.

Bandplayer-is an online resource accessed via the Internet. Basically it is an audio and video music player that facilitates seeing and hearing musicians playing a pre-recorded track. It can be accessed free by students and tutors.

Dyslexia and Music Teaching is available (online)

The British Dyslexia Association has ten tips for musicians with dyslexia. BDA music dyslexia tips [PDF]

One of our mentees wrote a musical component poem. Emma Music components poem [DOC]

Four of our mentors came up with a list of tips to help students study more successfully. Tips from the creative mentors 2014_A3 [PDF]

You can find out about accessing accommodations for exam arrangements from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (2012a). Specific Needs.

The Incorporated Society of Musicians has put an excellent link to some of the BDA information on its website. Please see: British Dyslexia Association – Music Teaching Resources.