The students were happy to write a report about the experience they have had at the Creative Mentor Lunchtime Club.

“Our club with Frances has been really great. I started year 7 not being very confident in my art skills, but when she came over and invited me, it felt really nice that someone had said I was good at it. The club has helped me develop an understanding of a new type of art, that I have really enjoyed creating. So, thank you for helping me become a more creative, confident artist.”

“I have really benefited from the art club as it has helped me be more confident with art in general. Over the last 2 years we have done lots of projects that have been really fun and a great experience. Thank you so much for helping me develop my understanding of art and growing as an artist.”

Work by Class-7 students at Charter School North Dulwich; mentored by Frances Conteh.